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Native American Art

Adobe Gallery - Adobe Gallery, located in Albuquerque's Old Town, features the highest quality southwest Native American art and antiquities available on the market today. The focus of the gallery is 19th and 20th Century pueblo pottery, but we also carry Navajo textiles, Hopi Kachina dolls, Southwest Indian basketry, old pawn jewelry, paintings, and more!

American Indian Art - Martha Hopkins Struever presents Native American art including Hopi katsinas, pueblo pottery, navajo rugs, turquoise, inlay jewelry and other exceptional pieces. Site also offers information on seminars, appraisals, and exhibitions.

American Native Art Gallery: A Place of Art & Spirit - Native American Art with a Message! Selling Prints, Printed T-Shirts and Note Cards

Ancient Arts Gallery - Native American and Pre Columbian Art.

Ancient Artways Studio - Fine quillwork by acclaimed Native American Metis artist Nancy Fonicello. Capotes, pipe and medicine bags, keyholes, knife sheaths and more.

Bampton - Greene Galleries - An eclectic collection of Pre-Colombian, Native American and Tribal Art from both North and South America. Unique pieces range from an early Nicoya jaguar pot, circa 500 - 800 C.E., to works by contemporary artists.

Black Horse Arts/Native American Folk Art - Native American Folk Art composed of Black Horse Arts with links to other artists and interests. Poetry, prose, and short stories.

Chrisjohn Family Art and Fine Craft - An Iroquois family offers crafts in bone, antler, wood, bark, stone, beads, corn husk, leather, feathers, clay and more. Each item includes related cultural information.

Decorating with Native American Art - Decorating tips on use of Native American artifacts and other southwest and western accessories for your interior design that will give you a Santa Fe style home using suggestions on how to display the items you place in you home decor.

Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Artists and Craftsmen - Galleries of leading Native New Mexican artists and craftsmen, including Best of Show winners at the 1999 Eightnorthern Indian Pueblos Arts and Crafts show. Micaceous clay potters of New Mexico. Coverage of the Arts and Crafts Show held this July at the San Juan Pueblo near Santa Fe.

Gallup New Mexico Convention & Visitors Bereau - Historic Gallupl features authentic Indian arts and crafts through pawn trading posts, and also is the perfect touring gub to the southwest.

Guthrie Indian Art Studios - Cherokee Indian family of artists working in several media to tell the history and spirituality of the Cherokee People.

Hanblechia Studio; the fine art of Paige Easley Patty - Original paintings and sculpture of Native American subjects with particular focus on Lakota and Aztec culture.

Indian Marketplace Directory - Santa Fe Art Indian Market non sales directory of native american indian art and the indian art marketplace.

Long Ago and Far Away - Canadian Inuit Sculpture and Native Alaskan Art from an established Vermont Gallery. We represent collector-quality Fine Native Art and Jewelry from across North America.

Michael D. Kerr, Ethnographic and Folk Arts - Served the collecting community for over 25 yrs. It offers the finest museum quality objects from Africa , the Americas , the Oceanic region, and 19th and 20th century American Folk Art. We have represented some of the finest historic North American Indian objects in the country ,placing many in museum collection both nationally and internationally.

Museum of The Red River - Native American art and artifacts of the Caddo and Choctaw peoples, located in Idabel, Oklahoma. Site includes cultural information, newsletter, and event listings.

Native American Art Show 2000 - The 18th Annual Native American Art Exhibit and Sale in Great Falls, Montana will feature the art of Native American artists from all around Montana.

Native American Indian Art - information and examples of beadwork, pottery, basketry, regalia and other art forms. links to galleries

Native Artists - E-zine educating the public about contemporary indigenous art forms of Native Americans. Articles feature native artists, and emphasize how historical and contemporary cultural values shape their artwork.

NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art - Topically organized educational Internet resource that offers detailed historical and instructional information about Native American art, technology, and crafts of the Eastern Woodlands region.

Old Town Gallery - Located on historic Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona, we represent some of the finest Southwestern Native American painters. The gallery also carries a collection of handcrafted jewelry, kachinas, and rugs.

Pacific Northwest Native American Art - Learn about the characteristics of the Native American art from this region with descriptions and examples.

Penfield Gallery of Indian Arts - The Penfield Company began in the 1880's as a general mercantile company in Lincoln County, NM. The original store has since been made into a state museum but the Penfield tradition has continued since 1975 at their store in Albuquerque's Old Town where the finest available Indian arts and crafts are sold.

Pogesh Indian Art - Showcase of Mono Indian artist Lance Fink. Prints for sale.

Pueblo Arts - Specializing in fine antique and contemporary southwestern pueblo pottery. Site includes information on some artists.

Pueblo Pottery of the Southwest - The diversity of pueblo peoples and the continuation of centuries-old cultural traditions is examined in this exhibition of beautifully made and painted pottery vessels and figures from 12 pueblos in New Mexico and Arizona.

Sacred Circle Native Art - Art history of First Nations Native Indians of the Pacific Northwest. Site includes native artist's portfolios.

Sakia - New York's premiere gallery of Native American Art, featuring a unique collection of tradional and contemporary hand-crafted items created by artisans from the Pueblo to the Inuit people.

Santiago Tafoya Native American Artist - Santiago Tafoya is a stone carver who has had his life work converted to bronze.

Sawols - A catalog of the art from Indigenous Groups of California - Sawol contains information on the art, culture, history, and creation stories from the Indigenous Groups of California. The following groups will be included: Pomo, Hupa, Miwok, Tongva, Yurok, Karuk, Maidu, Ajachmem and Ohlone

Traditional Tarascan Native Santo, Retablos,Altars, and Angels by New Mexico folk-artist, Armando LopeZ
- Armando Lopez, a Tarascan Native living in Abiquiu, New Mexico, offers his Traditional Tribal Retablos, Santos, Altars, and Angels for public viewing or purchase

The Visionary Art of David Chethlahe Paladin - The original paintings and prints of half-Navajo visionary artist David Chethlahe Paladin are rooted in, but not bounded by, the lore of his Native Americn ancestry.

Whirlwind Studios - Native American Art Gallery of Brigitte Peters Lopez. Hand painted feathers and color art originals. Beautiful artistry, plus carved Native American flutes.

Wichol Cultural Community - We are a genuine and registered non profit organization of wichol artists commited to disseminate our philosophy around the globe, looking forward to share with everybody around our ritual offerings without intermediaries whatsoever

Zuni Art - Website for collectors of Zuni Fetishes. Lots of information about Zuni People and their Art. Many photos of Zuni Fetishes with extensive descriptions of each piece.

Zuni Zoo - A website for collecters of Zuni fetishes, Zuni Zoo offers a selection of finely carved works by Zuni carvers. Information about Zuni culture and the practice of fetish carving is also included