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Native American Literature

American Indian Literary Text Resources - Provides links to dozens of contemporary Native American works available online.

The American Native Press Archives - Online database for University of Arkansas's repository of Native American works; includes extensive searchable bibliography.

Electronic Text Center: Native Americans - Largest collection of 19th- and 20th-century Native American literature available online; also includes literary pieces about Native Americans.

Looking Back - The Lenni-Lenape and The Red Record - Given to a white missionary in 1820, the Wallum Olum or Red Record is believed to be one of the world's oldest surviving histories. Using pictographs and later progressing to word forms, it chronicles the history of the Lenni-Lenape original people from a creation account (B.C.) to the early 1800s.

Native American Authors - Provides information on Native North American authors with bibliographies of their published works, biographical information, and links to online resources including interviews, online texts and tribal web sites.

Native American Literature Web Resources - Guide to web-based Native American Literature resources.

NativeLit-L Home Page -- American Indian Literature - Unmoderated listserv for the discussion of Native American Literature (Canada, U.S., and Mexico). Typically generates fewer than 20 messages per week.

The Poetry Of nila northSun - Serves as an introduction and guide to the poetry of Shoshone-Chippewa poet nila northSun. Includes biographical information on northSun, an introduction to her poetry, two selections, and links to American Indian sites.

Storytellers: Native American Authors Online - Author's biographies, statements, poetry and stories, essays, and bookstores for their work. Over 40 Native American authors are represented.

Tsalagi (Cherokee) Literature - Page includes about 10 traditional Cherokee stories, as well as excerpts from historical speeches. Also links to other Cherokee resources on the Internet.