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Native American Organizations

American Indian Child Resource Center (AICRC) - AICRC is a nonprofit agency providing services to American Indian youth and their families in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Native American Rights Fund (NARF)

American Indian Clubhouse

American Indian Gambling and Casino Information Center

Autonomous American Indian Movement - On American Indian issues. Site created by the Southeast Texas chapter of Autonomus Chapters of the American Indian Movement.

California Nations Indian Gaming Association

First Nations Development Institute - policy, research, grantmaking, and lending institution working to help mobilize the capacity of Native Americans for controlling their own economic assets.

The Five Civilized Tribes Museum - Oklahoma based nonprofit museum with links to other Native American sites.

The Heritage Institute - The Heritage Institute's comprehensive energy, environmental, and education programs that target the economic development needs of American Indian communities.

Indian Art Northwest - Native arts & culture: National festival (Portland OR), participating Indian artists, art sales, regional travel opportunities and events in the Northwest.

Intertribal Timber Council

Juaneno Band of Mission Indians - American Indian Tribal Nation traditionally known as the Acjachemem Nation whose traditional tribal lands are in various parts of Southern California.

Lenni Lenape Historical Society - A nonprofit organization founded by Lenape descendants in Allentown, PA to share the culture of the Lenni Lenape.

National Congress of American Indians

Pathways to Spirit - All-volunteer group, dedicated to the provision of material assistance to and cultural preservation of Native Americans on the reservations of South Dakota and along the Front Range of Colorado from Denver to Wyoming. Pathways seeks the easing of the effects of poverty, the reduction of discrimination, and the transmission of Native American languages and way of life across generations.