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The American Animal Awards - Information on the categories you can nominate individuals, organizations, and the like for outstanding service to animals. Animals are also eligible for nomination where appropriate.

Animal Bytes - Offers free animal wallpaper, cursors, themes, screen savers, shutdown screens and icons. Divided by species.

Animal Characters - List of books with memorable animal characters and extensive listing of pet related sites.

Animal Lovers Ring - Instructions on how to join the webring for family-friendly web pages about animals.

Animal Site Ring - How to join the webring for child-friendly pages about animals.

Animals Online - Informational article about the online animal world, including links to favorite pet sites, provided by Computer Partners.

Bark and Meow Webring - Instructions on how to join the ring for all pages about cats and dogs.

Bow Wow Meow - Dog and cat names, their popularity, meanings and ratings.

BurnerKitty - Offering free web pages for pets. Also pet tips and chat.

Critters - From ferrets to parrots, and everything in between at Tripod's critter pod.

Cuddly Critters - Selling St. Bernard, and Chow puppies, and Bengal kittens. Also game birds, doves, racoons and foxes. Iowa.

Go-Pets.Com - A membership club for pet owners with articles, pictures, tips, and message boards about pets, discounts for members to pet supply stores and pet insurances.

Hammies and Horsies and Pets of All Kinds - Pictures, trivia, and information on different kinds of animals, including hamsters, horses, and hermit crabs. - Pet care tips, stories and anecdotes.

I Love My Pet Webring - How to join the ring for people who love their pets. Ring rules, list of the sites in it and stats.

Index of Famous Critters - A reference material for you when needing ideas for naming your pets or need to know the name of that one character on that one show.

JCPenney PetClub - Community for pet owners that includes two free pet exams, pet coupons, ID tags, quarterly magazine, kids area, pet tips, discounts on vet services and hotels.

Listening To the Animals - Books edited by Phyllis Hobe with true animal stories, and submit your true animal stories for upcoming books.

The Pet Chat Room - A free chat room for pet lovers.

Pet of the Day - Every day the site features a new story and photo, selected from nominations by pet owners, of what makes our pets wonderful.

Pet Pen Pals - A club aimed primarily at children, with or without pets. Members receive postcards, mail, newsletters, birthday and christmas cards, and free gifts from their pen pal in England.

Pet Ring - Instructions on how to join the webring of pet pages. - Featuring forums and pet humor. Post a pet memorial page, celebrate pet birthdays, and send a postcard.

PetHobbyist - With forums, chat rooms, classifieds, books from Barnes and Noble, and list of breeders, dealers and stores. Covering all pets.

Petlovers' Club - A free virtual club for all pet lovers.

PetPics - For pet photographs, stories, jokes and your own pet pictures gallery. - Unites pet families by providing an online marketplace, chat areas, bulletin boards, classifieds and other useful services enjoy their dogs, cats, fish and birds.

Pets Forum - A well organized and serious forum for the discussion of pet care, ownership, breed information, etc.

Pets: part of the family - Read the magazine online, ask the veterinarian or animal behaviorist for advise. Books from

4 Pet's Sake - Offering web pages for your pets with a pet of the month contests. Collection of links to pet resources, horoscopes, supplies and books.

PetSection - Pet news, information and classifieds, also offers professional web design and hosting options. - Online Pet Directory with advanced search capability. Categories - Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses, Reptiles, Fish.

Susy-Q Pet Lover - Take a test to see what breed of dog is best for you, find links to dog breed information, some cute cat photos and other general pet information can be found here.

ThePetVine - The Community for pet and animal lovers, including pet care forums, animal information and discussion groups, pet owners message boards, chats and forums, and virtual pets.

Top50 Animal Cams - A list of animal webcams on the internet.