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Pets Welfare

ALLT.Hope - Comprehensive information about pets and pet welfare.

An American Disgrace - Information about pet mills.

Animal Abuse Alert - A 16 year old girl's heroic efforts provides a voice from the grave of a little tortured and murdered cat. Read the story, then sign the petition to demand justice in Virginia's courts for the cat.

Animal Abuse is a Warning Sign - An examination of the link between animal cruelty and violence against humans, with an emphasis on animal abuse prosecutions.

Animal Alert News - Web magazine featuring news and alerts. - A resource for animal information including pet tips, lost pets and animal shelters.

Cat Dissection in America - Provides general information about the practice of dissection in classrooms.

Cats and Cards Pages - Pet, animal abuse and links to information of abuse and other animal related links.

Cats and Pink Cadillacs - Featuring animal anti-cruelty, pet owner responsibility, pet adoption and rescue, and much cat related material.

Cats In the House - Four cool cats from Florida -- the cats who rule this house and promote animal welfare, especially for cats.

Cricket's Home for Wayward Animals - Promotes animal advocacy in Canada and around the globe. Offers resources and information about cat and other animal issues such as abuse, spay and neuter, rescue, and health care.

Disaster Preparedness for your Pet - Pet tips for planning ahead of natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornados, etc. Pets are unable to survive on their own if left behind.

Dog or Puppy Fighting on Your Street? - Details of a dog abuse case.

Euthansia...How Will I Know It's Time? - Includes general information and reasons for euthanasia.

Facts Surrounding Little Bit O'Heaven Rescue - A concerned group trying to determine the fate of dogs unaccounted for by a rescue organization in Ovett, Mississippi, USA.

Fatal Figurines: The Trade in Dog and Cat Fur - An eighteen-month undercover investigation by The Humane Society International and German independent journalist Manfred Karremann has exposed the fur industry's ugliest secret: the slaughter of companion animals -domestic dogs and cats - for the manufacture of clothing, accessories and trinkets.

Feral Cat Coalition - Extensive information of critical interest to those dealing with the welfare of feral cats.

Forlorn Ferals - Information on feral cats, poison control, toxic plants, and an excellent links page.

Katkneader's Korner - Promotes pet responsibility and animal welfare.

Kids and Teens Against Animal Abuse - Informing kids and teens about animal abuse and the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

Kitty Lea's Cozy Cat Corner - Promoting cat and animal welfare: anti-abuse, spay and neuter, feline health care, and many links to informative cat pages.

Luvcatz SpokescatZ
- Animal welfare issues including declaw, spay and neuter, pet and puppy mills, cruelty, rights and advocacy.

My Rescued Kittens - When you see truckloads of hay going down the highway, think of the possibility that it might be transporting litters of newborn kittens without their mothers. All my rescued kittens were born of feral mothers, the majority came in on truckloads of hay.

No More Cruelty - Humans have abused and hurt animals. They need a voice to cry out their pain, a voice to carry their anguish, a human voice demanding no more cruelty.

Oz 'n Voodoo's Playground - Dedicated to the welfare of cats and other animals around the world. We also promote cat welfare and advocacy in Canada.

Pawprints and Purrs - Animal welfare, especially cats - monthly animal welfare newsletter, home of three animal issue webrings, vet/pet health care related sources, spay and neuter campaign, rescue/adoption, pet travel, pet loss, and pet/animal cruelty/abuse. Totally cat related: poems, stories, quotes, humor, trivia, facts, and a catlore webring.

Pet Action League, Inc. - Help our non-profit effort by sponsoring animals in need. Low cost spay neuter programs available.

Pet Care Sheets - Dedicated to informing pet stores and owners about the proper care of animals.

Pet Planet - Health and Welfare - Various tips and articles on health and welfare issues for pets.

Pet Safety Center - Many tips on pet safety, from tips featured in a weekly newsletter to the world's most unique pet safety method, a voice mail ID for pets.

Pets and Lead Poisoning: Silent Suffering - WARNING: Lead poisoning in pets may go unnoticed until it is too late. If your home was built before 1980 you may have lead paint and be at risk.

Pound Puppies Story and Animal Rescue - A story about our lovable pound puppies, animal rescue and care information and links.

Progressive Animal Welfare Society - PAWS advocates for animals through the operation of a companion animal shelter, a wildlife center, and an advocacy department. Not affiliated with any groups in the United States that are also known as PAWS. PAWS is a member-based non-profit organization.

Red-Eared Slider World - All about turles: caresheets, care tips, animal rights, message board, pictures, links and more.

Remember Ninja Project - Dedicated to the memory of one small black cat named Ninja who was brutally tortured and murdered Halloween 1989. Our House Productions created this site to honor her memory and to help make Ninja's legacy one of hope and change for animals everywhere.

Remember Sheba: A Victim of Veterinary Malpractice - A loving companion, victim of veterinary malpractice. Everyone should read Sheba's story, including and especially veterinarians and students of veterinary medicine.

Renting With Pets - Moving and Landlord won't allow are among the top reasons given by pet owners when relinquishing their dogs or cats to animal shelters. According to researchers, if all rental housing units permitted pets, approximately 6.5 million animals could be placed in homes.

Responsible Pet Owners Association - A coalition of concerned pet owners and all-species pet clubs located in Texas USA. Providing information and assistance concerning animal welfare and public health issues, while taking whatever steps necessary to preserve our historic relationship with animals.

Roger Caras/Pets and Wildlife - Site includes information about naturalist Roger Caras, president emeritus of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and how to schedule him to speak to your group or organization.

Safe Haven for Cats - Excellent resource for trapping ferals, spaying and neutering, raising new-born kittens, and alternatives to declawing.

Scoop on Pee and Poop - Solutions for feline inappropriate elimination with an extensive listing of links for additional information.

SFSPCA's Report on Cat Licensing - SPCA of San Francisco's analysis of the uses and drawbacks of cat licensing proposals.

Speak Out for Animals - Features a listing of petitions, campaigns and links.

Special Mutt - A mailing list for anyone that loves dogs, especially our mutts. Please feel free to post a message if you have or know of a dog that needs a loving home.

Stop Abuse! Don't Litter - Spay and Neuter - Strong campaign promoting spaying, neutering and pet ownership responsibility to prevent homelessness, disease and death.

Sylvia's Journey of New Hope - Though Sylvia lost her battle with post vaccination sarcomas, her humans offer a thorough education of this deadly disease. All animal lovers should visit for their own understanding and the very lives of their pets.

Tally's Cat Basics 101: A Guide For New Cat Owners - For the new cat owner: covers topics such as newborns, raising orphan kittens, basic cat health care and warning signs, safety tips, common household poisons and kittenproofing your home, basic nutrition, behavior topics, litterbox training, shy cats, tips on introducing a second cat and links on indoors only, spay/neuter and declaw info.

Tatoo-A-Pet Pet Protection and Recovery Network - Give your pet a voice when it is lost. Registration and recovery for your utilizes a permanent and painless tattoo identification. 24 hour hot line.

Texans For Animals - Information about Texas animals and not limited to just Texas: welfare and animal rights, legislation, laws, and endangered species.

Texas CARES - Non-profit animal welfare organization which provides for homeless and unwanted cats and kittens in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Educating the public of humane treatment of all animals and responsible pet ownership.

Tips 4 Trips: Travelling with Pets - User-submitted travel tips to assist while traveling with pets.

Tragedy of Free To Good Home Pet Adoptions - A free pet is a disposable pet! - too often free pets are neglected, abused, abandoned or sold for animal experimentation. Excellent tips for those who are adopting out pets; warnings for those adopting a pet.

Tugger's Cat Tidbits - A history of tabby and tortoiseshell cats, an in-depth look at the indoor/outdoor and spay/neuter issues and strong spay/neuter campaign, featuring pet loss, black cat superstitions, quotes, and a rabbit page.

Vivisection.Net - Outstanding resource condemning animal experimentation. U.S vivisection industries spend over $18 billion on animal experiments annually. Vivisection is animal cruelty in the name of science.

Wag'n Tails Sticky Notes - A bulletin board for animal issues and advocacy.

Why Not Coercive Legislation? - The drawbacks of legislation as a solution to pet overpopulation issues.

World Animal Net - A worldwide network of societies campaigning to improve the status and welfare of animals.

WSPA - World Society for the Protection of Animals - News, features, press notices, action points and fundraising ideas on animal welfare and conservation throughout the world.