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Gazette International Networking Institute (GINI) - Gazette International Networking Institute (GINI), coordinator of International Polio Network (IPN) and International Ventilator Users Network (IVUN), collects, creates, and disseminates information for people with disabilities, specifically polio survivors and ventilator users. Information includes newsletters, directories, and books about independent living, home mechanical ventilation, and the late effects of poliomyelitis.

Handi-Tips Home Page - Provides and shares information for Polio and Post-Polio survivors in the Houston Texas area.

Harvest Center Post-Polio Page - Materials about PPS: including articles, audio tapes, the PPS Computerized Assessment Program.

How to Prevent Further Disability In Polio Survivors - Silver 1999 - Renoun PPS expert lists things to do and NOT to do.

Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network - An information service for polio survivors and medical professionals. Website offers an expanding online library of currently over one hundred full text articles on post-polio conditions, plus a bi-monthly newsletter and a catagorised directory of healthcare resources with descriptions.

Polio Connection of America - Information for polio survivors - research, doctors, and a list of people trying to regain contact with old friends who are polio survivors.

Polio treatment, prevention, and much more. - A wide range of helpful Polio information concerning treatment, prevention, diagnosis, email groups, support groups, personal stories and much more. Updated regularly.

Polio-PPS Bookstore Resources - Windows to Wisdom Enterprises Bookstore informational section on Post-Polio Syndrome Central directory of Postpolio , post-polio , poliomyelitis , polio resources on the internet.

Post Polio Syndrome - Post Polio also known as Post Polio Syndrome. PPS chat sites.

Post Polio Syndrome Responses - A personal web page with valuable links to Polio/PPS and other Disability Information.

Post-Polio Network of New South Wales Australia - PPS information, Australian Support Groups, Seminars, newsletters, articles and general Australian disability info.

Post-Polio Resource Group of SE Wisconsin - Formed by polio survivors to provide information and support to polio survivors and their families and to educate the medical community and the general public about post-polio syndrome (PPS).

Post-Polio-Med Email List - Forum for researchers, medical professionals, polio survivors, and anyone interested in PPS: for research and treatment issues, conferences, support group meetings, and other related topics.

PPS Angels Everywhere - Poems written by people with PPS. My personal story about my first bout with polio and now with PPS.

PPS Related Events, Seminars and Conferences - Calendar of non-commercial events concerning post-polio syndrome.

The Rollin' Rat - Post-Polio Syndrome & Disabilities Resources.

Why PPS Is So Hard To Understand-Bollenbach 1999 - Description of muscle types, muscles indirectly affected by PPS, how PPS differs from ALS, immune vs autoimmune.