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Aaron Fuegi's Collected Quotations

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 9th Ed.

Michael Moncur's Quotations Page - Includes links to lists of quotations, quotes of the day, and a form to search for quotes matching a key>

Quotations - Collections including Advice(good and bad), Proverbs, Annoying Proverbs, Wit, Famous Leaders, Recent, Wisdom, Micellaneous Malapropisms, Posters with Quotes, etc. etc. etc.

Quotations of William Blake [John Barger] - thought-provoking quotations from the revolutionary poet.

Archive of Quotes at Archives2Go - 80 unorganized pages of quotes, over 1500 quotes so far.

Atlantis Inscriptions - Assorted funny quotations, on the subjects of women, war, psychology, and philosophy.

Deep Thoughts - Collection of Jack Handey's famous Deep Thoughts, with a random option.

Famous Quotations - Thousands of famous, memorable and humorous quotations.

Generation Terrorists - Aphorisms, axioms, cites, maxims, mottos, murphy's laws, principles, proverbs, quotes, truisms and generation terrorists.

Good Quotes by Famous People - The witty, the thought-provoking, and the humorous.

Great Quotes from Montana State University - Humorous quotes from a variety of people, real people, not celebrities.

Humor Break Quotations - Humorous quotations, murphy laws, bumper stickers, pick up lines and links.

Humorous Quotations - Humorous quotation archive and quotation of the week. - Hundred of insults, insulting quotes, and acidic quotations from all walks of life in lots of categories, and a random insult generator.

Life Quotes - A collection of quotes that somehow reflect on life and attitudes. Includes quotes from TV and movies and sometimes the news.

Little Sayings - Over 135 categories and over 1300+ sayings and quotes to search for. Great for crafters, scrapbooks, signs and e-mail signatures.

Marsh's Unfamiliar Quotations - An informal, loosely organized collection of one-liners, an appreciation of friends, family, and the commonwealth of wit.

The Quote and Jokes Homepage - Funny Quotes and Jokes

quote mailing list plus archive - Quotes alphabatized by speaker, plus chance for mailing list for quotes daily.

Quote Of The Week - Charlie Fink's Quote of the Week is your source for short, pithy fun & entertaining quotes. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, too!

Quotes and Articles by Sam Ewing - Quotes and Articles published in various magazines and books by Sam Ewing.

Quotes 'R' Us - Collection of quotes said by your friends, roommates, and relatives. Several thousand already. Submit your own.

Random Groucho Marx Quotes Page - Generates a random quote. Reload the page for a new quote.

Silly Stuff Nexus Funny Quotes Archive - 279 funny quotes, sorted alphabetically by speaker.

SimplyPets - Pet Quotations - Many funny and interesting pet quotations, including a pet quote applet that you can use on your site.

The 5th Whiff: Hilarious Quotes - Quotes from the creators of The 5th Whiff. Visitor submitted quotes, also.

Things People Said - Unfortunate slips of the tongue.

Vi's Home - random quotes, mostly humorous, along with a sprinkling of wavs, si pages, and links.

Wise and funny quotes - Wise and funny quotes by some famous and not so famous people... Many thought provoking

Abby's Absolutely Incredible Quotes! - Come read the most incredible quotes known to this earth. Quotes ranging from Shakespheare to some guy named Ben Pollard! Submit your own favorite quotes.

Aphorisms Galore! - Find witty sayings by author or category, read background info, and contribute your own favorite sayings.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - Search and browse over 9000 quotations from hundreds of authors.

Byzant Encyclopedia of Biography and Quotations - A growing resource containing biographical information about significant figures in the history of mysticism, and others, such as poets and philosophers, who have made important observations on the nature of existence. The encyclopedia also contains insightful quotations on esoteric and philosophical themes.

Cole's Quotables - A quotations resource that includes a number of large and fairly well-attributed collections of quotes.

Cool Quotes Collection - A collection of some of the coolest, stupidest and most thoughtful quotes ever being conceived. From Voltaire to restroom-graffiti.

Dictionary of Quotations - Database of literary, inspirational, and humorous quotes searchable by author and subject. Quotations from famous political leaders, authors, and literature.

Double Arrow Quotations - An ever growing database of fun, historical, and important quotations.

Education Quotations

Famous Quotes from the Famous Bill Austin - The Famous Bill Austin's Famous Quotes page and an explanation of why he is famous.

Food Quotations - Chinese Cuisine ( - Quotations about food, ranging from the humorous to the philosophical, by everyone from Confucius to Mark Twain.

Gem Of Proverbs & Poems - Famous Proverbs, Inspirational Quotations, Classic Poems, Visual Poetry, English and Chinese Verse, Beautiful Images With Poems. A Casual, Instructive, Serene Site For Art And Literature.

Generation Terrorists - Don't let the name fool you. Very interesting and popular sets of quotations. nicely organized.

Noring Collection of Quotations - Huge single page from the alt.quotations newsgroup. - Erie, Pennsylvania's Variety Webzine; news, 20th Century American Quotes, discussion groups, people profiles of Northwestern Pennsylvanians and more.

PacMall Famous Quotes - Famous Quotes, Poems & Links of famous people from Albert Einstein to Willy Wonka on Life, Love, Laughs, Friendship, and Poems.

Proverbs, adages, sayings, short quotations and quotes - Single page of unsorted short common proverbs, adages and quotes including their origins.

Quotation Ring Mailing List - A feature for them who are interested in quotations. Postings are forwarded as emails to a list of subscribers, as well as added to the archive.

Quotations by Writers - Those who live by their words.

QuoteFile - Progressive and out-of-the-ordinary quotations - including suppressed truths you don't tend to hear in the media. This is an extensive collection, broken down into a large number of topical areas. An excellent locale for quotations on timely subjects. - A database of quotations organized by topic and author as well as humorous quotations. Perfect for the quotation afficionado and the toastmaster alike.

Quote-O-Matic - Quotes arranged by topic and category. Searchable by author or keyword. Display random quotes in a category.

Quotes on Listening - Quotes about the true value of listening.

The Quotes Sayings and Poetry database - This site contains quotes that will enrich and enliven your life. Also books, poetry, essays and ideas. Full of resources for writing and literature. By Amit Kothari.

Quotez - Over 5000 Quotations - Over 5000 quotes indexed by subject and by author. Mark Fryer's GeoCities site.

Timely Quotes - Oh, how things change