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Reptile and Amphibian


Amazon Smythe's Pet Products - Makers of a variety of pet foods, from iquanas and turtles to canaries.

Americaworks - When herp supplies are ordered from this company, its service searches the price database on its member organizations, and delivers to you the lowest price available.

Aquarium Center - Reptile products, bedding, foods, heaters, vitamin supplements, and more.

Aquatica - Reptile products for the vivaria. Vivarium water bowls, fountains, hide shelters, etc.

Awesome Snakes - Snake merchandise, housing and care, health problems, pet names and videos.

The Bean Farm - Offering items that will help you in creating your vivarium, with great suppliers of enclosures, heating, incubation, lighting, and books.

Big Apple Herpetological - Extensive collection of herp-related supplies. On-line ordering is available.

Bush Herpetological Supply - Specializing in cages, supplies, and equipment for the reptile enthusiast.

Chiltern Reptiles, U.K. - Large range of reptile accesories by next day mail order. Live and frozen rodents, etc.

Clear Bead, Inc. - Bubble Washed Bead Filters for those that keep reptiles of the aquatic variety.

CMORE Products - High visibility cages and tanks for your birds, lizards and other small reptiles. Made of finely crafted wood and acrylic. See More of your critter.

Creative Aquatics & Pets - Extensive list of products for Reptile owners.

Creatures Great and Small - Importer/exporter of quality live foods, amphibians, reptiles, spiders and exotic animals. With pictures and care sheets.

Cricket Farm - We have free information and care sheets for rearing crickets. We also sell crickets 1000 for $12.50 delivered.

The Crunch Crew - Private reptile breeder, with free classified ads and caresheets. Order by e-mail, ships all over the U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii.

Crystal Palace Reptiles - Reptile and herps supplier of fine quality snakes, lizards, tarantulas, frogs, insects and more.

Custom Cages by Design - Offers high quality, affordable pet cages in almost any size.

Drosophlia - Fruitflies are us. Flightless Fruitflies for Reptiles and Amphibians. Guaranteed live delivery.

Ecologic Technologies - Offers high quality misting system kits for reptiles, orchids, amphibians, birds, tropical plants and animals. - Purchase feeders, informational books on reptiles, reptile T-shirts, and also a wide variety of live snakes for sale.

Exotic Pet Enterprises - Breeder in Tucson, Arizona producing captive bred reptiles including tortoises, snakes, and geckos. Animals sold retail and wholesale, and shipped nationwide.

Fluker Farms - Crickets, Mealworms, Fruit Flies, Vitamin Supplemants, and other Reptile products from a giant in the industry.

A Frog Shop; Dart Frogs and Amphibians - Specializing in Dart Frogs and other amphibians including salamanders, tree frogs, newts, and toads.

Great Valley Serpentarium - A living reptile museum with captive breeding facilities and a large variety of supplies for sale. Located in Lodi CA.

Grubco - Mealworms, crickets, and various other larvae and grubs.

Hanley's Herps - Captive bred geckos, hog island boas, Jungle carpet pythons and more.

Helix Controls - Proportional thermostat devices for use with incubators, reptile cage heating devices. Even a module that can call you when temperatures fluctuate. - Reptile, Amphibian and Natural Vivarium supplies - huge selection, great prices!

Home Pet Center - Supplies for your reptiles including bedding, food, terrerium supplies, information books, lighting, and much more.

Impact Reptiles - Working with or breeding snakes for almost 20 years. The main focus is on Elaphe (rat snakes), also breeds feeder rodents and Tarantulas. Located in Tucson, Arizona.

Jungle Exotics Pets - Exotic pet store, specializing in reptiles. Located in Fort Lee, N.J.

KV Vet Supply - Animal supplies and prescription ordering for Vetinarians.

L.D.S. Company Inc. - Chameleon cages, screen cages for geckos, frogs and anoles that are cricket tight, affordable, of aluminum construction and easy to clean.

A Lizard's Life Of Luxury, aka - Personal site on iguanas offering custom cages. One persons view on the requirements and preferences of this prehistoric-looking pet.

LLL Reptile and Supply - Large selection of reptile care products, and exotics.

Lyon Electric Company - They carry have brooders, incubators, scales and heaters and other electrical herp supplies.

Martin's Cages - Huge selection of cages for all animal types, or have them custom build one for you.

Mazuri Feeds - The exotic animal feeding source.

Meal Worm Farm - We sell mealworms starting at $8.00 per thousand. We have free information on care and breeding, and have a secure online store. Guaranteed live delivery.

Midwest Zoological Research - Makers of NutriBAC, an all natural food supplement probiotic for all reptiles and amphibians, which helps prevent salmonella.

More Reptile Supplies from Omaha Vaccine - Makers of the famous Dr. Turtle sulfa block.

The Mouse Factory - Co. produces superior quality frozen feeder mice and rats

Net Pets Supply : Reptile Care Supplies - Supplies include feeding, cleaning, habitat and health related. Order online.

New York Worms - Growers of mealworms and earthworms for herps,including lizards, turtles,frogs,plus pond and aquarium fish.

Organic Fantasies - Beautiful, hand-built waterfalls, creeks and accessories for natural reptile and amphibian habitats.

Partners Pet Supermarkets - Food, bedding, and vivarium products in England.

Pet Center USA Home Page - Featuring Reptiles and supplies from Lomita California

Pet Expo - Over 6000 discount pet supplies. Wholesale reptile and amphibian products and supplies. Pet Expo carries a large variety and selection of reptile and amphibian products.

Pet Forum - Supplies of all types, some live animals. Located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Pet Ranch Discount pet supplies - Discount and wholesale pet products and supplies.

Pet Warehouse - Whether you want premium pet supplies or information about buying, caring for, or training the pets you love, Pet Warehouse offers a huge selection of online resources. - Reptile Supplies - Supplies for your turtles including food and health products, habitat products, and supplies for other reptiles as well.

Peticulars - Reptile & Bird Supplies - Peticulars was established in 1995 to offer consumers a large selection of quality Reptile, Amphibian and Bird products. - They offer products for for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and small animals on a secure web site. There is a classified ad section for breeders and vendors of pet products and services for the pet industry.

Pets Warehouse - Shop from our online catalog for reptile supplies and equipment for your terrarium or vivarium.

PetStation - The Herp section of PetStation contain a library, bookstore, marketplace, and chat forum.

Pippin's Roost Exotics - Reptile Supplies

Precesion Caging - Reptile housing and supplies.

Python Products Home Page - Home of the No Spill Clean and Fill aquarium Maintenance System. A must for water turtle owners.

Reptile & Amphibian Supplies - Reptile and Amphibian Products from Petpourri.

Reptile Depot - Quality reptiles and supplies.

Reptile Housing Authority - Quality enclosures for reptiles. High quality at realistic prices. Shipped anywhere, with many sizes available.

Reptile Kingdom - Specializing in exotic reptiles, and reptile supplies.

Reptile Roundup - Breeder and Feeder/Supplier Directory

Reptile Shack - Online catalog for terrarium supplies and live reptiles/amphibians.

Reptile Supplies - They have aquarium supplies, birds, bird supplies, reptiles, reptile supplies, exotics & supplies for pets, birdfood, bird cages, pet supplies, free classifieds.

Reptiles Canada - Canadian reptiles breeder/supplier and advertising network. Features resources (including CITES permits) and care sheets on many different reptiles.

Reptiles For Sale - RMJ Reptiles offers exotic reptiles for sale. - Your on-line shopping site for reptile supplies. - Your source for everything reptile: quality original reptile products, natural wood reptile products, pond supplies. Order reptile products from top wholesalers and manufacturers.

RR Food & Supplies - A page for reptile enthusiasts. The page is divided into several categories: Personal pages, breeders, herptological societies, magazines, food items, scientific pages, and care.

San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc. - Size and product descriptions on frozen and freeze dried items like krill and brine shrimp. Water turtles love them.

Sand Valley Farms - Specializing in top quality mice, rats and other reptile food.

Sequoia Ranches - Reptile, and live pet food; crickets, superworms, giant feeder mealworms, feeder mealworms, and waxworms.

Sera Pond and Aquarium Products - Informative site which gives detailed information on various prepackaged foods, water filtration, and general habitat information.

T & C Terrariums - Terrariums, live mosses, reptile supplies and herp related books, as well as some live animal sales.

Tetra Reptiles - Check out the Hobbyist Information to get interesting facts on reptiles, visit the reptile wing of the Tetra bookstore, or check product offerings.

Texas Reptiles - Snake handling supplies.

That Pet Place - The World's Largest Discount Pet Care Supply Center. Also email questions you have about your pet. Site sells substrate, lighting,climate control, feed, and many other types of herp supplies.

Timberline Live Reptile Foods - High quality feeder insects including crickets, mealworms and fruitflies.

A to Xenopus - Breeders of premium African Clawed Frogs and supplies

Tropical Plant Solutions - A greenhouse facility dedicated to research and production of rare tropical plants and supplies for the vivarium, terrarium, and rain forest exhibit. - Tortoise and turtle food and accessories site. Annie's Pasture Mix for grazing tortoises, edible and landscape cactus, Rep_cal Vitamins and minerals, rubber stamps, food items and collectibles.

USA Pet - Supplies for reptiles as well as cats, dogs, and birds. Order a catalog online.

Vetark Reptile Products - Vitamins and other health related products.

Vision Herpetological - Albino Rosy Boas, Vision Cages, and Frozen Feeder Rodents.

Vivtronic - Manufacturer of quality custom made vivariums incubators and thermostats. Captive bred reptiles always available.

World Wide Pet Supply - Offers wholesale pricing on everything for every pet! Thousands of products, over 1,000 aquatic products. Live rock and coral available for shipment.

Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc. - Manufacturer of a variety of herp care products.

Zoological Pet Foods, Inc - Offers grain fed, frozen mice and rats for pet reptiles. - Offering a large selection of reptiles, exotic animals, aquarium and reptile supplies