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Ridding Clip Art

Bit O' Horse Clipart - Various clipart collections that the author is giving for use on webpages.

Equizotic - Free horse clipart and backgrounds grouped by discipline, available online or on a CD. Scanned photos are also available, for a one time charge. Horse Clip Art - Free original equine clipart sets and accessories for publications or webpages, with monthly additions.

Erica's Themes for Microsoft Plus - Allows Windows 95 and higher users to customize their desktops with equine themes - Dressage and Beautiful Horses are currently featured. Erica also provides complete instructions on downloading and setting the themes up.

JFF Miniature Horses Free Equestrian Web Graphics - Free horse web page graphics, backgrounds, clip art, animated gifs, buttons, bars and more. New graphics added weekly.

Virtual Horse Graphics - Can't afford to buy a horse? Join this equestrian clip art club and download free original equine images, line art, graphics and clipart.

Virtual Horse Graphics - Free ClipArt of Mules & Donkeys - Download free images of mules & donkeys at Virtual Horse Graphics.