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Single Parenting

Custodial Fathers A site aimed at providing a support group for custodial fathers. Deals with legal issues and offers child care advice. A good source for single fathers.

Daddy's Home An Online Resource for Primary Caregiver Fathers 

Father's Forum The On-Line Resource for New and Expectant Fathers 

The Fathers Rights and Equality Exchange (F.R.E.E.) Welcome fathers, and those who love them, to the official web site of the Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange!, Find your path to our father-friendly resources here. The crossroads is the hub of our site, and your first stop in exploring all that is here. 

Flying Solo Flying Solo brings you the only content of its kind on the Internet with specific topics dealing with divorce and separation and matters affecting the elderly and disabled, as well as extensive file and media libraries in these areas, not available elsewhere. 

Jill's Single-Parent Support Page This site was created especially for single-parents and offers parents the insights others have shared about single-parenting.

National Center for Fathering Links for fathers to look at are practical tips, humor, research on fathering, what's new, fathering magazine and contact with other dads.

One Parent Families Association of Canada An organization for single parents. Chapters in Quebec, Alberta and Ontario.

Single and Custodial Fathers This site is devoted to providing support and resources for single fathers. Offers access to a mailing list and contains the latest statistical information on single and custodial fathers.

Single Dad's Index An index for single dads. Some issues are alimony, divorce, custody, missing kids, visitation and access, paternity and child support.

The Single Fathers Lighthouse A site for single fathers that provides information on practical issues such as housekeeping, custody, and visitation as well as access to a LISTSERV for single fathers.

Single Mothers by Choice Focuses on single mothers by their choice. Get advice or read the newsletter.

#Single_Parents This site contains an Internet relay chat that connects single parents together as a support group. Also contains other links of interest to single parents.

Single Rose: Resource for Single Mothers This page is hosted by a single mother. She has all sorts of articles written by parents and professionals.

Sinpar Cafe A place on the internet to go and chat with other single parents.

Sole Mothers Page dedicated to single moms. Links to categories include: articles, legal aid, career corner, ask the pros, money matters, safety and domestic violence.

Solo Online magazine that covers single parenting issues.