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Tea - Information about teas, rooibos, and honeybush in African countries. Drink and cooking suggestions.

Afternoon Tea Page - Lots of tea party ideas, tea history and traditions, tea accoutrements, tea recipes, tea books and a list of tea rooms in the Seattle area.

Afternoon Tea with Anne Barone - Each week a new teatime with reviews of teas and books plus a recipe related to keeping slim in the French style.

Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum - The worlds first museum devoted entirely to the history of tea and coffee.

Brief History of Tea - The evolution and current practices of Korean, Japanese, and European tea traditions, including articles published in Korea Times.

Cat-Tea Corner - Recipes for cooking with tea and to accompany tea; Teamail email tea discussion list and message board; digital tea picture postcards; clip art; tea web ring; and a biweekly tea contest.

Charming Teapot - Specialty tea parties for children and adults in the Connecticut area. Or have a Tea Party in a Box shipped to you.

Chinese Tea Ceremony - Cantonese tea service at a shop in New York's Chinatown. Although the service does not appear to be offered any longer, the description is interesting.

Crabtree & Evelyn Tea Pages - Tea FAQ, afternoon tea recipes, and suggestions for other ways to use tea.

Discover Tea - Downloadable PDF booklet of the history, health, and enjoyment of tea, plus trivia and tips, from Adagio Teas.

Elmwood Inn Fine Teas - Historic Elmwood Inn serves four-course afternoon teas. Owners have written three best-selling tea books. Elmwood Fine Teas, curds, mixes and sugars available retail or wholesale.

Evils of Tea (and the virtues of beer) - An interesting and amusing comparison of these two beverages. Originally published in 1822.

Executive Tea Company - Glossaries of tea types, grades, and tasting terms. Caffeine, antioxidant, and other health information. Illustrated description of tea growing and manufacturing processes.

Guide to Tea Shops in the United States and Canada - Over 1,400 listings of tea rooms and tea merchants throughout North America and beyond. Read tea room reviews or submit your own for shops you've visited.

Haute tea: It's good to the last drop - Articles on current tea trends and cooking with tea from Knight Ridder.

Holy Mountain Trading Company - Online catalog specializing in rare and exotic teas, tea and health, Japanese and Chinese tea ceremony, and a complete line of Asian teapots and accessories.

In Pursuit of Tea - Information on health, history, growing regions, types of tea; tea FAQ; brewing guidelines; and an online shop for teas and accessories.

James Norwood Pratt Tea Society - The leading American expert on tea. Information on the New Tea Lover's Treasury and his other books, plus a schedule of upcoming appearances and events.

Lipton Tea - History and development, recipes, and new products.

Magnolia & Ivy Tea Rooms and Seminars - Three tea rooms in Georgia, also offering conferences and consulting services for setting up your own tea shop. Online teas and accessories.

Noble Harbor Teas - The art, science, and history of tea, with a focus on Eastern tea rituals.

Read the Leaves - Celebrating and shedding light on the tea experience. Share yours! From FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about tea types, preparing tea, bags versus loose leaves, descriptions of popular teas, tea ceremonies, caffeine, miscellaneous details, and professional tasters' lexicon.

Russian Tea Ceremony - In-depth and well-illustrated description of the Russian tea ceremony and traditions, including samovar, teapots, and tea cozy.

Scone recipes - Suggestions to serve at your next tea party.

Sosro - History, health benefits, and culture of tea in Asia, featuring Indonesian specialty teas. In English and Indonesian.

Steeps: The Urban Teahouse - Tea history and highlights in a series of handy lessons. Teahouse located in Alberta, Canada, offers premium loose teas, Chai concentrates, herbals, plus weekly tea-tastings and tea-leaf readings.

Story of Luk Yu - A brief history of "the patron saint of tea." In English and Chinese.

Tasseography -- Teacup Reading - Preparing the cup for a reading and interpreting the symbols in the leaves. Includes a list of shapes and their meanings.

Tea, a drink to quench all thirsts! - Tea: its history, rituals, techniques and references, from an exhibition presented in Montreal in 1996. In English and French.

Tea: A Story of Serendipity - Tea is second only to water in worldwide consumption, and Americans drink their fair share. From the U.S.F.D.A.

Tea and Health - Up-to-date published research on tea and health issues.

Tea and Roses - A northern NJ based company specializing in programs about tea, tea-related topics and roses. Newsletter available by subscription and membership in a 'Cozy Club' offered.

Tea at Sally's Place - Author Diana Rosen takes you to the only tea plantation in the USA, reviews books and tea rooms, and tells you how to brew a good cuppa and enjoy your teatime.

Tea Council of the U.K. - The Guild of Tea Shops, pairing teas with food, tea glossary, and an extensive list of resources for tea merchants and organizations.

Tea Forum - Public discussion forum about tea in art and culture in general and in Chinese literature in particular. There is a small collection of poems and prose.

Tea Glossary - Definitions and descriptions of tea-tasting terms and types of teas. From Plymouth Tea & Herb Company.

Tea Man's Tea Talk - Information on tea (Camellia sinensis) provided by a cartel of tea experts: growers, brokers, merchants, researchers, aficionados, connoisseurs, tea masters, and of course, The Tea Man.

Tea Page - Excerpts from various reference works, online and traditional, including history, culture, and production of tea. Multilingual sources.

Tea Princess - A site built by a tea lover for fellow tea lovers. Home of SubtleTeas, a bimonthly newsletter about the tea lifestyle.

Tea Review Archive - Read or write reviews of teas from many vendors worldwide.

Tea Time Garden - Tea brewing tips for Western or Eastern style tea. Tea events in the Seattle area. Fine teas from around the world. Loose black or green teas blended with herbs, spices, fruit and flowers for a flavorful brew. Teapots and accessories.

Tea with Friends and Welcome Home - Ideas for entertaining with tea parties from Elizabeth Knight's books Tea with Friends and Welcome Home. Classes, talks, and workshops. Vintage English tea cozies. Tips for brewing and serving tea.

Tealuxe A Tea Bar - Record your own private reviews of teas, post public messages, and get personalized suggestions for teas you might enjoy from this Boston tea shop.

Teas Steeped in Time - Classes, talks, and writings about serving tea from speaker and author Carole Pichney.

Tending Toward Tea - A scrutinizing look at Earl Grey, plus suggestions for places to have tea in and around Boston.

Thank you my Lord - Finger Tapping - A brief story of Chinese tea etiquette.

Thousand Cranes Tea - History, health, and a tea FAQ, plus how to brew and serve, with recipes. Bodum tea accessories and premium loose leaf tea, including organics.

Virtual Classroom - Explorations of various tea leaf varieties, preparing tea in the gaiwan, and the artistry of handmade clay teapots in Yixing, China. From Imperial Tea Court.

The Way of Tea - Comprehensive and detailed information about tea history by country, cultivating tea plants, description of tea varieties, manufacturing processes, preparation and teaware, and reading tea leaves.

What's Brewing in Teaneck? - They're counting to a million -- tea tags, that is. A charming and inspiring story of a second-grade class project that became big news.

World of Chinese Tea - Information about China, Chinese tea, tea customs and accessories. Steeping suggestions, tea and health, and detailed descriptions of the many teas from China from source to serving.

World of Tea - Sponsored by the Stash Tea company. News, traditions, customs; commerce, collectibles, tea facts, history. Online tea and accessories. Multilingual.