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UK Local Health Authorities

Avon Health Authority - Responsible for commissioning and overseeing all aspects of the National Health Services (NHS) in their area. They serve a population of over one million people and manage a budget (98/99) of around 525 million.

Barking and Havering Health Authority - Only department on site is The Public Health Department

Bradford Health Authority - Information about Bradford Health Authority with useful links. Unfortunately marred by flawed HTML. This site also excludes non-frames browsers.

Buckinghamshire Health Authority

Cambridgeshire Health Authority - Covers the whole of Cambridgeshire, including Peterborough. Extensive Web site with Board minutes and links to local services.

Croydon Health Authority - Basic information about the health authority and a listing of local GPs and dentists.

Doncaster Health Authority - Providing information, news, reports and notices on Doncaster Health as an organisation, and on the Health of Doncaster.

Dorset Health Authority - Lists of GP's, publications and other information

Dudley Health Authority - Lists local NHS health services, via a clickable map. List of voluntary organisations. Some publications available for download.

Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow Health Authority - Information about local services.

East London and The City Health Authority

East Surrey Health Authority

East Sussex Brighton & Hove Health Authority - Information on local NHS services and the various primary care groups including the NHS trusts.

Enfield and Haringey Health Authority - Provides information about local health services, public health, the Health Improvement Programme, strategies, commissioning and clinical audit.

Gloucestershire Health Authority - Extensive Web site covering local services and policies.

Isle of Wight Health Authority - information about health services on the isle.

Kingston & Richmond Health Authority

Lambeth, Southwark & Lewisham HA - Lists of GP's, Dentists, Opticians and More. Information and Publications.

Leeds Health Authority - Lists GPs by post code. Public health area. No other health services listed (Nov 99). Complaints procedure. Clinical protocols availabe for download (as JPGs).

Liverpool Health Authority - Comprehensive Web site, including details of Health Action Zone (HAZ)and Health Improvement Programme (HiMP).

Manchester Health Authority - Information about the Health Authority including board minutes. Some health information.

Morecambe Bay HA - Basic information

North and Mid Hampshire Health Authority - Extensive site with links to information on local services.

North Cumbria HA - Contains information about the various aspects of the Authority's role.

North Essex HA - Basic information.

Portsmouth and SE Hants Health Authority - Find a local GP. Well indexed directory of information on local services.

Redbridge & Waltham Forest Health Authority - Limited information about the Health Authority and list of local G.Ps.

Southampton and South West Hampshire Health Authority - Detailed database of NHS health services available to local people, using clickable maps. Complaints procedure.

St Helens & Knowsley Health Authority - Brief overview of the NHS services provided for local people.

West Hertfordshire Health Authority - Extensive Web site containing HA Board minutes. Listing of local health services, GPs, opticians, dentists, pharmacists.

West Surrey Health Authority - Information is out of date.