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The Low Fat Vegetarian Archive

Vegetarian Pages

The Vegetarian Resource Group

World Guide to Vegetarianism

The Fear of Vegetarianism - Vegetarians threatened me. They didn't have to say a word, all they had to do was not eat meat. I could feel my annoyance and even anger. It took me awhile to recognize I was feeling guilt and not just annoyance...

Living in Harmony with Vegetarians - Article which includes tons of inspiring comments at the end from hundreds of vegetarian readers.

Animal Derived Ingredient List - NAVS - A comprehensive list of ingredients derived from animals.

Beyond Vegetarianism: Transcending outdated dogmas - Get the real scoop with Beyond Veg, where nothing is sacred (not even cows).

Bradlands - Recipe links.

Caper's Corner - Vegetarian Forums - Post your views here on one of several different forums: Ethical Viewpoints, Health Issues, Vegetarian Singles, General Topics, Vegan Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, and Eateries.

The Enlightened Vegetarian - Animal rights organizations, books and recipes.

Ethical Investment - Did you know that if you have a bank account, savings plan, mortgage, pension plan or almost any other financial arrangement, then you are at some point certain to be associated with animal experiments or the meat trade?

Famous Vegetarians and Vegans - List of famous vegetarians/vegans with quotes, links, recipes and a list of vegetarian restaurants.

Feeding the Heart - by Joanne Stepaniak - A pervasive myth that has persisted for years is that vegetarians are intrinsically more kindhearted than their meat-eating counterparts... A compassionate disposition is cultivated. It is not the osmotic result of what one eats or even what one does. It is the consequence of a conscious and concerted commitment to awaken to the suffering around us, and then caring enough to do whatever is necessary to end it.

Geoff and Deb's Vegetarian Pages - Why we are vegetarians, links to many vegetarian sites, our favorite recipes, books on vegetarianism, and more!

Go Veggie - Vegetarian site with recipes and links to other vegetarian sites.

The Good Veg Guide, by Margi Clarke - Red hot tips for virgin veggies.

The Great American Meatout - The world's largest grassroots dietary education campaign. Meatout encourages people to transition to a wholesome, nonviolent diet of whole grains, vegetables, and fresh fruits.

Here Comes The Veggie Revolution! [Hinduism Today] - Public pollsters estimate that 12 million Americans are vegetarian, or at least on-and-off vegetarians, with 2 million being very strict... Sociologists say that the trend is a deep-rooted, permanent change...

Living Vegetarian - Should you be a vegetarian, it can be a healthy way to eat. Reasons for becoming a vegetarian are personal and individual decisions. Some are ethical and some are for health reasons recommended by dieticians and doctors.

The McDougal Newsletter Sept/Oct 1998 - Guide to eating low-fat, vegetarian meals in Japanese restaurants.

Planet Veggie - Vegetarian and vegan products, recipes, information, food guides, health encyclopedias and healthy living.

Position of The American Dietetic Association (1996): Vegetarian Diets - It is the position of The American Dietetic Association (ADA) that appropriately planned vegetarian diets are healthful, are nutritionally adequate, and provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

10 Reasons to go Vegetarian - Animals, nutrition, feeding the world, and more...

Steve's World: Veganism/Vegetarianism - Has many links and also archive of vegetarian recipes.

Surfing Veggies - Vegetarian, animal rights and enviromental directory.

Teen Vegetarian - All aspects of the vegetarian movement, written entirely by and for vegetarian teens. Everything from information on vegetarian bands to all the reasons that vegetarians detest McDonald's.

Toronto Vegetarian Association - Well done website from one of the largest and oldest vegetarian organizations. Lots of information and links.

Vegan Action Homepage - Join Us!

Vegan Bikers - Index - Biker Zone

The Vegan Society (UK) - The world's first vegan society. Veganism starts with vegetarianism and carries it through to its logical conclusion. (See also the Veganism category for more information)

Vegetarian and Vegan Sites

Vegetarian Central - Covers everything from animal rights and ethics, to nutrition and health.

The Vegetarian Conscience, by Harold Hillman - Taking the consequences of a vegetarian ethic seriously

Vegetarian Dogs - Dogs can be vegetarian (or vegan). You can buy commercial vegetarian food or learn to make your own.

Vegetarian Dot Com Australia - Portal to vegetarianism in Australia supplying advertising of products, services, restaurants and links to anything that apeals to our vegetarian life styles.

Vegetarian Events Around the World - Includes an Events Around the World message board for anyone to post announcements, and a low-volume mailing list (one message per month).

Vegetarian MYTHconceptions - Lots of common myths about vegetarianism, and then the reality. Vegetarians don't get enough protein... (yeah, right!)... Vegetarians eat chickens and fish (no they don't)...

Vegetarian Pages - Independent and definitive internet guide for vegetarians.

Vegetarian Resource Center - Loads of information and an amazing number of links from this New England-based organization.

Vegetarian Resource Group - A non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger.

The Vegetarian Starter Kit - Includes health information (written by physicians!), and The 3-step way to go vegetarian.

Vegetarian Times' The Virtual Vegetarian - On-line version of the excellent magazine.

Vegetarian Video and Vegetarian Cookbooks - An affable 90 year old vegetarian doctor consoles lonely vegetarians and embraces meat eaters.

Vegetarianism in a Nutshell - also includes info on veganism - dairy substitutes and egg replacers

Veggies Unite! - Recipes and more.

Vitamin B12: Facts For Vegetarians - PCRM - B12 is in all common multivitamin tablets, and many foods are enriched with B12. These include many breakfast cereals, fortified nutritional yeast, and fortified soy milk.

VRG's Veggie Quiz - Disparaging Meat Since 1997 - Regularly updated, this site has it all for both the aspiring and long-term vegan. Over 150 feature articles, interviews, product evaluations, and book reviews. Also features plenty of recipes plus a large bookstore.

Why Vegan? - A 1997 ROPER poll estimated the number of vegans in the U.S. to be between 600,000 and one million...

Alphabetical list of food ingredients derived from animals

Answering the Call, by Paige Newman - Longtime veggie Paige Newman reveals why it's getting easier to be a vegan activist.

Ask Joanne: Feeding Natural Carnivores - What is the vegan perspective on feeding companion animals meat? Can dogs and cats be vegan?

Ask Joanne: Feeding the Hungry - Are there any charities that provide vegan food for the hungry? [Yes, see VEGFAM below] Is it unethical to refuse to financially support a group that feeds hungry people meat? I really struggle with this.

Ask Joanne: Is Honey Vegan? - The short answer is No, according to the official definition of veganism adopted by the Vegan Societies in Britain and the US. This explains why.

Ask Joanne: Is it possible to be 100% vegan? - It's very difficult, as books, TVs, plastics, medicines and sugary food can all sometimes be technically non-vegan. However, that doesn't mean we can't try to get as near to 100% as possible.

Beyond Vegetarianism: Transcending outdated dogmas - Get the real scoop with Beyond Veg, where nothing is sacred (not even cows).

Choose a compassionate lifestyle - for the animals - Point-by-point list of facts about... why meat is uneconomical on a world scale, and unhealthy for you; factory farming; the cruelty behind milk and eggs; and the truth about slaughter.

Defining Vegan (Vegan Outreach) - What the word vegan means to various people.

Ethical Veganism (a personal view) - The motivations behind the practise of Veganism - moral and aesthetic. If we feel that certain forms of behaviour are harmful then we feel that we have a positive moral duty to take steps to curb that behaviour in others. We do not say: 'that person committing harmful acts must have a different sense of morality to me and I have no right to interfere'...

F & O's 100% Vegan Cat and Kitten Foods - Contrary to popular belief, cats CAN be vegetarian! F & O sells 100% nutritionally complete VEGAN cat and kitten foods which can be prepared in minutes simply by adding water.

Feeding Vegan Kids by Reed Mangels, Ph.D., R.D. - Raising vegan children takes time and thought, but no more than it takes to raise a non-vegan child. This article published by the Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) talks about the nutritional needs of vegan children.

Grass Roots Veganism with Joanne Stepaniak - author of several vegan cookbooks. The spirit of this site is to provide information about all aspects of vegan living and answer some of the questions you may have about a vegan lifestyle. - Shop through the GreaterGood portal and have at least 5% of your spending donated to Vegan Outreach, or a selection of other charities, at no cost whatsoever to you.

The Hypocrisies of some Vegans - A short opinion piece - makes you think.

LaniLand - 100% straightedge vegan - Personal page from an opinionated punk girlie.

On Being Vegan - An introduction to veganism from Vegan Outreach's Vegan Starter Pack.

Philosophic Vegetarianism: Acting Affirmatively for Peace - Short but erudite article explaining the ethical reasons for not eating meat, fish, eggs, or dairy products.

Rottengirl's junky vegan webpage - Personal page, with message board, questionaire, and of course, why not to eat meat, milk, veal, eggs, etc. and why not to wear fur or go to animal circuses.

Sowing Seeds of Compassion - by Joanne Stepaniak - Compassion can be described as empathy in action.

Soyouwanna be a vegan? - The diet of the future is fully explained in this article. Discusses how to stop eating animal products, special foods available for vegans, nutrition, and sticking to the diet, and even includes recipes and meal plans.

SoyStache - Promoting the many compelling reasons to change to a vegan lifestyle.

The Sunfood Diet: the healthiest way to eat vegan - Promoting the raw-food vegan diet, with recipes, articles, resources, and an lots of information on the benefits of raw foods.

Tips for Promoting Veganism - Our experience has shown that the most effective way to increase the number of vegans is through understanding and constructive outreach, rather than confrontation. Positive outreach takes skill and patience and can be frustrating, but it is worth the effort.

Vegan Action Info Page - Why vegan? Your health, the environment, other people, and animals all benefit!

Vegan Central - Vegan, animal rights, and health news - updated frequently!

Vegan FAQ - Answers everything you might want to know. Details on almost every type of product you can buy and whether they are vegan - also health issues.

Vegan House - In September 1995, 6 people formed an informal all-vegan community. Since then... the concept of a Vegan House has expanded, with former housemates starting their own houses. Our goal is to live in a peaceful community whilst doing the least harm to all animals, both human and non-human, and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Vegan Outreach - Vegan Outreach is an organization working to end animal exploitation through the promotion of a vegan lifestyle.

A Vegan Primer by David Rolsky with Carl V. Phillips, PhD. - This leaflet published by Compassionate Action for Animals (CA4A) will give you the basic knowledge you need to make a significant change in your lifestyle, a change that is good for the animals, good for you, and good for the planet.

Vegan Society Information Sheets - Anyone who wishes to go vegan is faced with a barrage of questions. Some of them arise because of a natural inclination to know more before going vegan, others because of the constant questioning by friends, relatives and total strangers. These information sheets will give you plenty of material to answer those questions - and answers to some questions you may not have thought of!

The Vegan Society (UK) - The world's first vegan society. Donald Watson, one of the founders, coined the word vegan in 1944, saying: Veganism starts with vegetarianism and carries it through to its logical conclusion.

Vegan Street - A nice little family run vegan site, very friendly, with interviews, articles, recipes and a good links section.

Vegan Village - Vegan homepages, resources, recommendations and news in the UK.

Veganarchy - As vegans and anarchists/socialists we are against the exploitation of people, animals and the environment. We feel that the struggle for a better world for human beings cannot be separated from the struggle for animals, and vice versa.

VegaNation - Radical Ecology and Ethics - Contains recipes, and an essay on animal liberation and social revolution.

Veganism in a Nutshell - Vegetarian Resource Group - A general overview of veganism from nutrition to common vegan foods. Includes links to books on veganism (sold by the VRG) and a list of alternatives to eggs and dairy.

Veganism in Germany - All about being vegan in Germany (also available in German).

Vegan-Straightedge mailing list - Vegans abstain from consuming animal products to the extent possible. Straightedgers (hyphenate the word if you wish) abstain from drugs and alcohol, other stimulants and psychoactive substances, and, in some cases, sex. We figure: If you're going to abstain, abstain maximally. This mailing list offers a forum for vegan-straightedgers. - A personal home page where there are cartoons, jokes, an article on honey, thoughts about the Broccoli vs. Animals? debate, and more.

Vegfam - Feeds the hungry without exploiting animals.

Webring: Vegan and cruelty-free - A small ring of vegan websites.

What is Veganism? - by Joanne Stepaniak - History of veganism (founded by Donald Watson in 1944) and why the implications of a vegan lifestyle extend far beyond diet.

Wendy's Defrauds Vegetarian Customers - Article accusing Wendy's, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell of misrepresenting non-vegetarian menu items as vegetarian.

Why Vegetarian? - Personal site advocating vegetarianism due to the health, environment, and animal suffering associated with meat eating.

World Guide To Vegetarianism - Listing of vegetarian restaurants and organizations world-wide. Great for the traveller.

Go Veggie with Paul McCartney and Viva! - Sir Paul McCartney has put his weight behind a Viva! campaign to turn Britain veggie. A joint colourful, upbeat leaflet has been produced to coincide with National Vegetarian Week (June 14-20) encouraging people all over Britain to 'Go veggie with Paul McCartney and Viva!' (June 8, 1999)

Where Business and Morals Meet - A Texas store loses its lease because it sells meat; PETA isn't allowed to put up an anti-meat billboard. Should personal ethics and opinions guide business decisons? (June 7, 1999)