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The Grapevine Weekly    - A weekly-updated guide to some of the best wine-related sites on the Internet.

Wine Spectator    - A comprehensive wine site, featuring news as well as ratings and tasting descriptions of more than 55,000 wines.

Adgestone Vineyard - Red, white and sparkling English wines produced in Sandown, Isle of Wight. Also has an on-site café.

Allexperts Wine Q&A - Volunteer experts answer questions about wine.

Falkenroth Wine List - News, tasting notes and wine ratings and an encyclopaedia of wine terminology. Produced in Sweden.

Gordon's The Wine Source - A portal on the world of wine and wine related travel, general information about wine regions and grape varieties, a newsletter and on-line shop.

Homearts Wine Navigator - Looking for a wine to go with a particular recipe? Whatever your occasion, taste or budget, the Wine Navigator will help you find the perfect wine.

The Internet Guide to Wine and Wine FAQ. - Frequently Asked Questions on the subject of Wine along with personal observations on the subject. Simple, but well-organized.

Into Wine - An exploration of the world of wine including wine and the Bible, storing wine, events calendar and wine toasts.

Robin Garr's Wine Lovers' Page - A 'snob-free zone' for straight talk about wine. Frequently updated notes and advice on wines of good value backed by a tasting tutorial, wine FAQs, vintage charts, interactive discussions and more. Garr was a pioneer in wine on the web, and this is much more than a personal wine page.

Serenading Grapes - Monthly wine club featuring international boutique wines and a complete guide to their enjoyment. Also offers wine-making kits, and search service for local wine tastings.

Soyouwanna Fake Being a Wine Expert - Introduction to choosing, storing and drinking wine.

Soyouwanna Learn the Basics About Wine - What wine is and how it is made.

TableWine - Discusses and reviews affordable wines for everyday drinking. Monthly features highlight wine regions, varietals, and food-wine pairings. There's also a weekly wine review. - The website of Tastings, the Journal of the Beverage Testing Institute. They review thousands of wines, beers, and spirits each year, and have searchable databases with thousands of links to wineries, breweries, etc. - US based site offering reviews, articles, chat room and wine education.

Thomas Jefferson Wine and Food Society - The wine and food window on the world, following in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson, America's first wine connoisseur and gourmet. With selections from wine expert Jim Gabler.

Unraveling the Wine Knot - Plenty of useful and clear information about wine.

VINOmania - Curiosities, suggestions and games about wine. A special section about wines of Italy. Updated monthly.

Vinopolis, London, England - The first ever visitor attraction and events venue dedicated to the whole world of wine.

Vin-Vert - An eGroups site for discussion and announcements about organic and vegan wine. Requires registration.

Wine Alley - A free service site with ads, notices of wine related events, and wine making forums.

The Wine Dictator - A site for the non-Snob. Reviews, focus articles and ramblings.

Wine News Network - Wine and winery news

Wine on the Web - With interviews, news, and independent wine reviews, wide range of budgets. It is constantly updated.

A Wine or Whiskey - Informative pages on wine history, winemaking and tasting maintained by a South African wine merchant. Also some content on brandy and whiskey.

Wine Place - Non-commercial web site catering for wine novice, especially wine lovers based in Singapore. Advice for storing, tasting and serving. Wine type descriptions and other related information.

Wine View Review - Reviews of wines, "how to" articles, Winer's Club, tips on food and wine. Play the Wine Game.

Winefriend - Informational site with an "ask the expert" feature. - Takes wine a little less seriously and offers reviews, links and accessories. - Informational online wine site with culture, fun and shopping.

WineMatch - Matching individual wine types with specific dishes and food groups; also extensive wine information. - A large and rich guide to wine on the internet with columnists like Jerry D. Mead. Message boards and recommendations, lots of links.

WineUpdate - A summary page offering the wine aficionado a quick overview of what's new on the web in the world of wine.

Winevent - Plenty of information about wines including glossary, vintage listing and grape varieties. - A new online wine guide with winery and events listings. - An informal, informational web-site that covers the wine scene in Singapore.