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Women in Technology

ADA Project

Becoming a Computer Scientist:

Cross-Gender Communication in Cyberspace

Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture

Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture: Special Issue: Gender Issues in Computer Networking (Call for Articles)

Gender Differences in Communication

Gender Differences in Computer-Mediated Communication

Gender Issues in Online Communications

Gender Issues in Computer Networking

Gender Issues Bibliography

Gender and Electronic Networking


Improving Mentoring for Women in Computer Science Fields

I'm a Stranger Here Myself:

Jerry McDonough

Language of the "Information Revolution"


Minority Reference Info (general)

Nominations Solicited: Prize for History of Women in Science

Soc.feminism info

Sheba Feminist Press Info U.K.

Women's Access to On-line Discussions About Feminism

Women and Computing.

Women in AI

women in computerscience and engineering.

Women inInformation Technology

womenand minorities in engineering

women and computing