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Writers Resources Style Guides

Acronym Finder - Searchable database of 80,000+ acronyms and meanings. Covers: common acronyms, computers, technology, government, telecommunications, and military acronyms.

Alan Cooper's All About Homonyms - The raw material for puns.

alt.usage.english FAQ - The alt.usage.english FAQ in HTML format.

American English - The UK Web Library American/British translation. Notes on American English.

AmeriSpeak - Expressions of our American ancestors.

Andy's Anagram Solver - Multilingual anagrams in English, French, and Dutch.

A.Word.A.Day Home Page - The music and magic of words. This is the Web site for the mailing list A.Word.A.Day (AWAD), which sends a vocabulary word and its definition to the subscribers every day.

Basic Prose Style and Mechanics - By Craig Waddell, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Designed to introduce you to, or remind you of, the basic principles of prose style and mechanics.

The Book of Cliches - A compilation of common phrases, euphemisms, and rationales for times of trouble.

BritSpeak - English as a second language for Americans.

Cirque de Cliche - The Cirque de Cliche is a worker-owned cooperative striving to offer the public best of breed cliches whose wide acceptance will lift the American figure of speech industry out of its current doldrums and drive a renewed period of vigorous growth.

Cliche Finder

2000 Cliches - 2000 English (English) Cliches and Figures of Speech, with some notes on their use in a literary sense.

Common Errors in English - Avoid titters of amusement at the way you write or speak.

Database of American Proprietary Eponyms - An eponym is a general term used to describe from what or whom something derived its name. Therefore, a proprietary eponym could be considered a brand name (product or service mark) which has fallen into general use.

Deadwood Phrases - Prune the deadwood phrases from your writing.

Dictionary of American Regional English - Those words, pronunciations, and phrases that vary from one region to another, that we learn at home rather than at school, or that are part of our oral rather than our written culture. - "Words, words, words..."  Search and browse online dictionaries of English. Plus computer jargon, grammar, usage and style.

Dr. NAD's Prig Page. - Tests of grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and style.

Focusing on Words - Vocabulary development and etymology.

Gallery of ''Misused'' Quotation Marks - They're quotation marks, and they turn up in the strangest of places.

Garbl's Writing Resources Online - An annotated directory of web sites focusing on English grammar, style, usage, plain language, active writing, words, reference sources, online writing experts, word play and books on writing.

Good Grammar, Good Style - Features over 100 pages of articles and answers to frequently asked questions about grammar, mechanics, and style. This page also contains extensive links to other grammar and writing pages and an annotated bibliography.

Grammar Clinic Frame - An on-line grammar clinic from England. Administered by the Lydbury Centre.

Grammar Now - Grammar and composition questions answered immediately. Proofreading and editing service also offered.

Grammar Slammer - The help file that goes beyond a grammar checker.

Guide to Grammar and Style - By Jack Lynch.

Guide to Grammar and Writing - From Prof. Charles Darling.

Guide to Grammar and Writing - Contains several digital handouts on grammar and English usage. From basic problems in subject-verb agreement and the use of articles to exercises in parallel structures and help with argumentative essays, and a way to submit questions about grammar and writing.

Home for Abused Apostrophes - A haven for little punctuation marks which have been cruelly misused by greengrocers and other uncaring notice-writers.

J101 Grammar for Journalists - University of Oregon School of Journalism J101 Homepage.

Jonathan Revusky's Interactive English Grammar Pages - Explanations and interactive grammar exercises. Runs with java.

KCI: Reader Based Writing Style Guide - Designed to help you bullet-proof your writing. Use it to learn the elements of classic business writing style, to find answers to frequently asked questions about preferred usages, or to trouble-shoot a document before you send it out.

Kings and Rulers - Kings, Rulers and Presidents of all Countries.

Linguistic Phenomena/Devices - A list of some of the lesser known linguistic phenomena and devices used in English writing. You actually know what most of these are, you just didn't know what they were called.

The Literary Dictionary - an assortment of words that first made an appearance in books, plays, poems, comic strips and mythology.

Loquacious Language - A column (running for three years) devoted to language by Michael Tseng.

Nomm de Plume - Copywriting Tips and Techniques - Dozens of articles, checklists and related Internet resources to help people write effective copy for all types of materials. Information for (but not limited to) business writing.

Online Dictionaries, Glossaries and Encyclopedias - Enormous and varied links to online encyclopedias, great site.

Online English Grammar - By Anthony Hughes.

Origin of Phrases - You probably know what these phrases mean, you may use them yourself. But why do they mean what they do? Phrases usually have meaning that goes beyond the words in the phrase.

Pandora's Word Box - General, romantic and medical words.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant - Writing Argumentative Essays. This online guide offers help in discovering, organizing, revising, and editing your writing -of special interest to English composition students and instructors.

Phobia List - Alphabetical list of phobias. Also a reverse list to look up the fear and find the phobia.

Phrase Finder - Does for phrases what a thesaurus does for words.

Plain English Campaign - We help to destroy gobbledygook, legalese, small print and bureaucratic language. Crystal Mark Award for good use of plain English.

Proofread - Books to read, books to write; Links to those who do it right: Your Internet resource for proofreading and online publishing.

Punctuation Made Simple - Discussion of several of the most useful punctuation marks. By Gary A. Olson.

Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors - The information ranges from copy editing to elements of style to discussions about writing. Practical information about the craft of writing.

Rhetorical Figures - From alliteration to zeugma, and everything in between, all the figures of speech are here.

Richard Smith's Compendium of Britishisms - Dedicated to the uniqueness of the British way of speaking.

11 Rules of Writing - The 11 Rules of Writing site is a concise guide to some of the most frequently violated rules of writing, punctuation, and grammar. It is intended for all writers as an aid in the learning and refining of writing skills.

The Semantic Rhyming Dictionary - A simple tool to find rhyming words.

The Slot - A spot for copy editors by Bill Walsh.

The Sports Cliche List - A large, searchable collection of sports cliches, lingo, and jargon.

Strunk, William. 1918. The Elements of Style. - This book is intended for use in English courses in which the practice of composition is combined with the study of literature. It aims to give in brief space the principal requirements of plain English style.

Study Web - Grammar & Composition

Sue Palmer's Language LIVE - Language LIVE is about the bits of English language many people think are boring - spelling, punctuation and grammar.

That's Right Words - Articles about grammar information and hints.

Thesaurus Search Form - ARTFL Project: ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form

Webster Dictionary Search - Search for your word in Webster's online.

Wilton's Etymology Page - Where words come from is a fascinating subject, full of folklore and historical lessons.

Wired Style - Principles of English usage in the Digital Age.

Wired Style Guide - Wired Style began as a single sheet of paper onto which copy editors at Wired magazine recorded every style conundrum they came upon while combing through the copy at the future-friendly magazine.

Word Fugitives - An interactive column by The Atlantic's Barbara Wallraff.

The Word Portal - Learn about word meanings, slang, quotations, insults. Wordwizard offers a round trip across the English language.

A Word With You - A daily on-line column, featuring little known facts about well known words and phrases.

Word Wizard - A round trip across the English language: word or phrase origins, new words, quotations, insults, slang, Public Scribe service and competitions!

Word Wizard - List of fiction writers and word resources.

The Word Wizard Club - This Club is for anyone fascinated by word or phrase origins, reading and writing, slang, coinages, quotes and insults.

WordNet - An online dictionary that you can explore in different directions, finding words that mean the same, are more general, more specific - as well as getting a brief description.

The Wordsmyth - The Wordsmyth Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus. Question of the Month and Words of the week.

WordWatch - Digs up a word or phrase out of the Bank of English and holds it up for inspection and comment.

World Wide Words - Explores some of the byways history, quirks, curiosities and evolution of the English language.

Writing For Multimedia: - Style guide for multimedia

Ye Olde English Sayings - Some romantic but dubious and some authentic phrase origins. Subscribe to the Words Discussion Group.

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