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Writing Contributed Content  

Absolutely Incredible Writing Showcase - This site showcases incredible writing from all over the world. Share ideas and stories with all the millions of people on the web. Submit your best work and view other's work.

Alienation - A place for disaffected writers to share their stories.

Alt.fiction.Original Archive - Archive of stories submitted to the newsgroup.

Amazing Authors Showcase - Writers, here's your chance to win your own web page on the Amazing Authors web site. This site has already helped unpublished writers get their first big break. Publishers and agents---come visit the Amazing Authors Showcase today and meet the writers of tomorrow.

Amazing Authors Showcase - Writers from all over the globe showcase their stories here.

Ami noMiko's Forum of Weirdness - Interact with other writers as you start your own story or add to another's. There are many genres to choose from.

Artist Corner - Poetry, short stories, song lyrics, quotes, computer art for artists for art lovers (as well as artists). The art works can be crituqued by everyone.

10:47 at the coffee pot by Mark Sexton - "A collection of vaguely interlinking short stories based around converging themes."

Author's Arena - For writers, illustrators and poets to post excerpts of their work.

AuthorsChoice - A marketplace for authors to showcase their manuscripts for viewing by publishers, literary agents, editors, and film and television producers.

Barvin Web Site - Inspiration, Wisdom, Humor.

Black Midnight - Actively looking for writers with something to say in the forms of essays, short fiction and non-fiction, poetry, etc. Open to all without prejudice.

The Blacklisted Journalist - Even the most famous of writers sometimes has a favorite manuscript nobody wants to publish. Whoever you are, I invite you to send me your manuscript and let ME play editor for a change. I'll print only what I think is the most entertaining, the most interesting and the best-written pieces on no matter what subject.

The Blue Hand - Write your own story using 5 fixed words and share it with others.

Bob Turkee's Interactive Fiction/RPG site - Interactive Fiction/RPG web site based on the genre of popular role playing games, films and television series'. A collaboration of the author and visitors' submissions.

Bolinske Stories - Submit your books, short stories, and poems to me and I will post them.

The Book of Bitterness - Anthology of the best writing found on the alt.bitterness newsgroup.

Brainfood - Dedicated to all sorts of stuff, from graphic art, to poetry, to odd things about sand. Created as a replacement for the sowewhat short lived Isla.

Brian Dana Akers Free Stories - Read stories about the web, on the web.

The Bug - Speak Out. Write something small and I will publish on my site. Read some other submissions.

bunk - Created as haven for things good and bad&--chivalrous and chauvanistic, bunk is a whole lotta tomfoolery. Us folks at bunk slave the nine to five grind to carefully prune bunk's innards to foster grey matter stimulation.

The Chaos Cafe - Come on in to the Chaos Cafe, a place for writers (poets), philosophers and Chaos Theorists alike. Read what others have written, or submit your own work.

Chaparral Gleanings - Chapparal Gleaning is a new site maintained by a free lance writer who showcases his own works and welcomes that of others who would like to b published on the web but don't have the time or inclination to maintain their own sites.

Chuck's ThoughtFlow - Submit your own writing, or add to an existing open ended story.

The Cobwebs in the Attic - Under Don's Shorts are humorous, interesting, thought-provoking and most important - short - stories and poems by him and other writers. - Narratives that represent, and create the college experience. From drunken, crazy tales of debauchery to sweet stories of collegiate romance.

Create A Story Online - Put your imagination into words with interactive story writing.

Create A Story Online - Put your imagination into words. Here you can add to a story already created or begin a story of your own for others to add to.

Creative Writers' Corner - A place where writers of short stories, poetry, and screenplays can have their work posted.

Creative Writing Central

CSSSA: Moxie Mouth - CSSSA 1999! Students of the Creative Writing department. Displaying works in poetry, prose, short stories, quotes, experience. Enter our domain and submit your work.

Dark Gesture - Read excerpts from novels, poems, and give valuable feedback.

Dark Lethe - A collaborative story environment.

DoomNGloom - Sharing ideas on how to change the predictions of doom and gloom and keep them from becoming reality.

E-Pub2000 - Electronic Publishing for Writers of the next Millennium.

Escapements - Escapements is a site to escape with. We have stories, a place to submit your own stories, days page, pets page, a links page with room to put your links and real audio coming soon. Escape with us!!!

The Fiction Kiosk - Free showcase for prose fiction writers to display their work. Excerpts of novels, short stories, screen and stage plays, TV scripts. Submissions in HTML format only. Links to other writers resources.

flim: a free page - an ezinelikething filled with short writing (humor, prose, essay, random strings of characters) that is published every once in a while.

Fornax Maverick - Stories, poems, and good humor about love, life, friendship, and relationships.

Foundation - Provides a venue for artists, writers, and people in related professions to submit their work to be displayed and exposed for its intrinsic value and to initiate comments or discussion.

Free Fiction - Short Stories from around the world, a new one each week. Submit your own work.

Free Story Center - A place for new authors and such to give there stories to the public. Kinda like getting your book published except on the web.

FyreLyght's Realm o' Pagans - The Pagan "Realms" which include fiction/poetry written by pagan authors, information on the pagan religion, and personal information about myself.

The Great Library - Poetry, short stories, original plotlines, and fanfiction.

Hear Me Now - A forum of and for self expression. Contains opinionated essays and accepts submissions.

The Hermit's Scribblings - Online collection of various amateur literature; submissions encouraged, to help the site thrive. Also weekly editorials for which submissions are also accepted. - Looking to be a published author? is here to provide you the space to show of your works for all to see and admire.

Infinity Pages - Fiction, poetry, essays and art are combined at this site which explores the creative process. Included are links to writing communities and art exhibits.

inkblot - inkblot posts one black and white photograph per monthly episode, asking visitors to submit stories inspired by the picture. selected stories are then posted.

InteREactive - Forum for writers to submit their work on a variety of themed topics.

internet Journal of New Art - Edinburgh based site showcasing new writing. Submissions very welcome.

The Library: An evolving piece of interactive fiction - The Library is a work of interactive fiction that will gradually change and evolve with user interaction and feedback.

Literature by teenagers - Includes stories, poetry and opinions. This site was created by and for teenagers so we can express ideas. View the collection or add your own work.

Mind's Eye Fiction - Proclaims to be the First Web Publisher. Offers variety of stories in many genres for visitors to read. Readers will be prompted to pay to read the end of most stories. Writers share profits with Mind's Eye.

mltR Publications - A comprehensive and complete venue for aspiring authors publishing to many different crowds online.

Moonlite Lounge - Post your poems, stories, and pictures for others to see and enjoy.

Moonshadows Pub - Interactive site for writers to display their work and offer/receive objective critiques.

No Dead Trees - An Interactive Novel. You pick the characters and the direction.

No Egg Cups - A group of young writers from Walsall (England) who cuddle creative writing.

The Official Thomp Website - The Thomp mailing list was (still is?) a private mailing list of "oddbits" of internet humor. The site was set up for fun and as an archive of sorts. While most of the articles are emails that have been around for awhile, they're still fun to read.

Orange St. Press Exhibition Hall - Rotating virtual gallery of fiction, poetry, spoken word, music, and multimedia art.

A Page of Writing - Read writings submitted by people just like you on the internet

park ethereal - A hypertextual storyspace containing short prose, poems and digital art all crosslinked and loosely organized around a central on-line novel.

Planet Online - Amateur writers, post your work here. Visit, and read stories by others.

Poet's Corner - A place where writers can take a peek at others' work and post their own.

polymono-log - A computer assisted, evolutionary text that is written by a potentially unlimited number of authors. German and English.

The Prose Menagerie - Original stories/poetry/novels/prose essays

pubSphere: hyper-fiction from Brown University - A slickly designed, if somewhat confusing, sometimes graphic-intensive, artistic site. For a better idea of what is available, click the "More Contents" link from the front page.

Quiet Screaming Voices - Quiet Screaming Voices is a site for people who think the goal of fiction is to enlighten and entertain. The primary goal of a writer should not be seeing their byline.

Raven's Writer's Room - Stories, poetry and fanfics. Sent in by the public.

Realm of Delusion - Art, music, and writing. Submissions in stories, poetry, art, and movie reviews are welcome. - Real Stories - Real People

Royal Lady Publishing - A site for readers and writers of all genre, especially romance. Showcase your work, win money and find resources to help you get closer to publication, if desired.

The Scrivener - Read short stories, poems, and essays. Contains writer resources and writers can submit their work for publication.

Self published, small press and nonpublished authors - Self published, small press and nonpublished books. Exposure for authors, a gold mine for readers.

The Shee ah Rea - An Enchanted Land - A fantasy story about Emera, a sorceress, and her friends Coyote, Shawn, Roc and Eithne and their adventures on the island of the Shee ah Rea.

6 Short stories from the heart of England by Rob Hopcott - A collection of short stories from the heart of England including ghost stories, mysteries and romances. My aim is to find parts of you that others may have missed.

The Silverfish - "Science fiction, fantasy and on-the-edge horror. Original fiction, poetry, non-fiction and art."

The Site for Young Writers - Stories, poems and short novels by writers age 11-19. You are encouraged to submit your own.

SOS Gab & Eti - Serial hyperfiction. Short stories, essays, book reviews, collages.

Starlite Cyber Cafe's Poet Corner - A growing collection of poetry from around the world. From published professionals to hobbyists there is something here for everyone. Be sure to visit our interactive poetry section and feel free to submit a poem of your own.

Starstrikers - Starstrikers is a web-based Sci-Fi novel. By using hyperlinks and definitions, you can easily explore in-depth the Starstrikers novel. Or just browse through the expanding Tech manual to see the hardware described in the novel. - An e-library.

The Story Exchange - Read original short stories, essays, poems, and sketches, join in discussions about the short stories and other works, or submit your own writing for publication on the site.

The Story Garden - A collection of short stories. New stories added monthly

Story Palace - Inspirational stories, clean jokes, and children stories. New stories are added daily.

Story Shack - The place where stories written by authors all over the world are published.

Storyteller UK - We offer a showcase where established authors, poets and seasoned storytellers may display their work whilst at the same time giving unpublished writers, especially the younger ones, encouragement and an opportunity to attract the attention of publishers and agents.

StoryTellers Challenge - Community of writers and readers, offering challenges to stimulate your imagination and practice your writing skills.

StrangeDaze - Short stories, and theories. Also, posts other writer's stories.

T - Writes - Read my writings and post your own on my website.

Talespinners' Tavern - Come in, tell your story, spin your tale. Amateur fiction from authors around the internet, freely given and freely received. Also including the Jester's joke collection.

tartan hen publications - online literature with a scottish flavour. Books, stories, essays and an interactive narrative - an experimental hybrid between novel and interactive game. The story is set in Antarctica.

The Temple of Pamphage - Controversial Prose and Poetry ranging from suburban teen neurotica, to psychedelic sci-fi.

Terminus - Contributions of prose or verse from UK writers especially, although everyone is welcome. The site is free and non-profit making, and all work remains the property its author, obviously.

The-writers-corner a FREE web site for creative writers - "The-writers-corner is a FREE web site where a creative writer can post half of an unpublished story as a teaser ... "

Thought Cafe - For people to read the thoughts and stories written by other amateurs, and to mail me any articles or stories they've written which they would like to have uploaded for others to read. Also a message board for amateur writer's to chat over.

Tina Leanne Waugh - Showcase of local Vancouver talent Tina Leanne Waugh the Writer, Poet, Actor, Scriptwriter, Songwriter, Musician

Tom's Tales - Where writers meet readers of love, romance and secret dreams.

The Transformation Story Archive

Transparent Words - A few words seeking clarity, trying to be opaque.

Treeline - Canadian writing on the Net

The Ultimate Lit Scene Resource Page - Original content, writing contest, resources, interviews, news, and Online Literary search engine.

The Unearthly Library - Poetry, writing, philisophical observation, and other bits of commentary on this world - at - Accepting short stories, poetry, rants, quotes, paintings, drawings, photos, and music.

Universal Expressions Creative Writing Page - A site for new writers to showcase their poems, short stories, novellas, and othe forms of creative writing.

The Villa Borghese - Submit your literary work, and critique the works of others in our forum.

Web-orama fiction - Short stories to read on-line. Novels to buy. Looking for submissions for both, prefer 'dark fiction' but anything that holds the imagination.

What Happens Next - Where people can add to already existing stories. They decide what should happen next and control the direction of the story.

Word Archive - Writers use us to archive and display their work for the world to read, as a professional profile/resume, for financial return.

Wordsworth Newsletter - Wordsworth Ezine for writers and poets. Submit your work or write about what you are working on.

WovenWords - Enter the world of WovenWords and tell us your part of the story. Interactive Stories, poems, wisdom, digital story telling. The place where you are the author.

Write to the Heart - Writing therapy, memoirs, personal and family stories for the journey of self-discovery. Submissions welcomed for posting at this site.

WriteGallery - Focusing on newer writers and their work.

The Writer's Block - Writer's resource site, and containing my personal writings and those of anyone who submits something. Newletter and workshops coming soon.

Writers Cauldron - Short story magazine site. Welcomes new writers.

Writer's Cramp - Creative Writing, fiction, poetry, humor, trivia, fun, entertainment, art, magazine, contributor-driven content, cartoons, characatures and carosels.

The Writer's Group - Dedicated to sharing creative works with others who revere the gift of language.

The Writer's Guild - Poetry and Short Stories for you to enjoy. You can also send yours.

The Writers' Home Page - This is an on-line version of that thing in the middle of the quad where anyone can staple something up. If the quality of this site falls behind other literary web sites, it does so because it follows the will of its community.

A Writer's Page - A collection of stories and poems that you can add to.

Writer's Page - Where poetry and short stories from all over the world can be submitted. Starting as a small circle of friends.

The Writers' Voice - Writers publish original columns, poems, essays, humor, first-person narratives and fiction. Readers rate articles. A teen writing category is also available. Submit today and become published tomorrow.

Writers Web - Find children's stories, short stories, poems and jokes. Submit yours for free.

WritersOnline - Free site that publishes writing on the net. No advertising. No charges, just good writing.

The Wyvern's Library - The Wyvern Library: Writers from all over the world have gathered their fiction here to allow for public viewing and comments. What all of these stories and poems have in common is their foundation on imagination.

Yosemite Dreamin' - A Literary Potpourri - This site is available for literary contributions inspired by beautiful Yosemite National Park.

The Unknown Writer's Page - A place where unknown writers can submit their non-fiction articles for publication on the web.

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